Grandma Jeffie Lee and Grandmother Alma

In the memory of my #GrandMothers, The Jeffie Lee Alma Project has been established to provide resources to grandmothers who are primary care takers for their grandchildren. 

In the winter of 1964, Carlton T. Gambrell, I and Eliza Mae Peacock were married and a year later, during the 1st Black Out in New York City, Carlton T. Gambrell, II was born. During my formative years, as my parents were pursuing employment and higher education opportunities, I was often left in the care of my grandmothers in New York City and Tampa, FL.   Grandma Jeffie Lee and Grandmother Alma provided me with care standing in the gap for my parents during those years that they worked, literally. day and night to provide for our household. My grandmothers love and guidance are a corner of the man that I am and I thank God that I had the chance to spend time with them and to get to know them. 

To honor Grandma Jeffie Lee and Grandmother Alma, GRIP Ministry  provides the following resources for grandmothers standing in the gap for their children;

  • Food Ministry - that significantly reduces their grocery costs by purchasing restaurant quality food in bulk.
  • Education Ministry - that provides Scholarships for Grandchildren
  • Personal Care Ministry - that provides Support for HealTHY Living
  • and an Online Community of Primary Care Grandparents

Over 2.5 million grandparents have stepped up to raise their grandchildren when their children were unable to do so.  Help us help them to protect and support their loved ones in the time of need.

We invite you to honor your grandmother or a family member or friend by making a tax-deductible donation today to support The Jeffie Lee Alma Project!

To God Goes the Glory --- The Work is Ours,
C. Thomas Gambrell