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How to THINK, SPEAK and PERFORM to SEE The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

10th Anniversary
Bible Study Series

November 1, 2021 will be the 10th Anniversay of the publication of "SUCCESS ON GOD'S TERMS". On December 20,2020 we are kicking off a 52-week Bible Study of the topics covered in the book. 

This series of Bible Study Teachings are designed to show you how to put the Word of God first in your daily activities.  Join us on this journey and unlock your full spiritual potential on God's Terms!

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What People Are Saying ...

Power Packed and Definitely Heaven Inspired

"The book SUCCESS ON GOD'S TERMS, written by C. Thomas Gambrell and Gerald D. Rogers, is power packed and definitely Heaven inspired. The messages, teachings, instructions, lessons and Business guidance contained in this masterpiece are priceless"

Dennis Thicklin

Tampa, FL

More Focused and Productive with Our Ministry

"What we appreciate the most about 'SUCCESS ON GOD'S TERMS' coaching is that it takes our big picture and makes it even bigger. The coaching method does this while keeping things so simple that we can see ourselves achieving our goals. In the past few months, we have been more focused and productive with our ministry than we have in the past 5 years. The success coaching technique really works no matter where you are in your journey.”

Dave and Darie Martin

Valley Stream, NY

Keep God as the Center in Everything You Do

"There are so many things that C. Thomas has taught me over the years as a coach, friend and mentor that I find it hard to pick just one thing to brag about as it relates to this man. So, I will have to pick a few and start with persistence. C. Thomas has taught me that if you stick with one thing long enough eventually you will reach the goal, whenever I lost my wind, he would pick me up. As a coach he would always write and say, "Keep up the GOoD work" which would remind me to keep God as the center in everything you do. So it is not surprising that his book is called "SUCCESS ON GOD'S TERMS" because C. Thomas practices what he preaches, a good coach always does.”

Toni Coleman Brown

Far Rockaway, NY

About Your Bible Study Ministry Leader

C. Thomas Gambrell

C. Thomas Gambrell is a information marketing strategist, podcast host, author and marketplace minister. As a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker and soft skills trainer he helps people give birth to new belief systems, bodies and businesses. He addresses audiences throughout the nation training and inspiring people to become peak performers. Mr. Gambrell’s success emanates from a true passion for helping individuals and organizations get more of the right things done in less time.

His PrepToOwn Masterclass Series provides a holistic approach for aspiring empire-builders who are preparing for ownership of businesses, homes, real estate and performing assets.

Similarly, C. Thomas’ book, “Success on God’s Terms: How to Think, Speak and Perform to See the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth” is designed as a tool for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a stronger work-spiritual life balance.

He also speaks to diverse faith community audiences and his presentations on assaulting self-defeating belief systems have inspired many attendees toward living their full potential through belief in Jesus the Christ.

C. Thomas is known for living to make Sunshine (aka his wife) laugh, is a self proclaimed bacon-based pescaterian, lover of tropical beaches, sushi, marketplace ministry and everything corn (popcorn, tortilla chips, nachos, grits, etc.).

Learn how to THINK, SPEAK and PERFORM to SEE the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

You will learn to use the Word of God to put together your personal equation for creating the lifestyle of your dreams. Join us on a journey through the pages in this book series primer and the Bible that will leave you inspired, self-motivated and filled with a burning desire to step into your "SUCCESS ON GOD'S TERMS". As you read this road map for good success and experience the BiBle Study journey, you will learn how to: 

  • Submit your Thoughts to God 
  • Cultivate the Right Relationships
  • Use Prayer to Power Your Pursuits
  • Hear with Ear in Your hEARt
  • Use the Word of God on Purpose

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